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Professional Cyberattacks, Already on the Rise, Are Expected to Worsen

Gone are the days when cyberattacks were the work of lone hackers looking to pull a massive prank or push an ideological message. Cybercriminality has passed into the professional realm, with hackers employing ransomware to extort money from victims in return for trapped data. More alarmingly, entire governments are exploring ways to use virtual attacks to cripple the infrastructure of

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Inflation Likely to Drive Up Commercial Insurance Costs

Over the past year, inflation has reached record highs. The cost for building materials, like lumber and steel, have been skyrocketing since the very beginning of the pandemic, but over the past few months, inflation has made an appreciable hit on almost every U.S. market. From groceries to gas to healthcare, prices are hitting all-time highs. As the effects of

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Traffic Litigation Costs Skyrocket for Companies

Litigation costs in the commercial transportation sector have skyrocketed over the last decade. As the number of accidents, severity of accidents, and cost of settlements continue to climb, it is vital that businesses do everything in their power to minimize accidents.  Accidents on the rise Unfortunately, increasing costs cannot just be ascribed to the ebb and flow of inflation. Drivers

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How Communication Affects Workers’ Comp Claims

Employees who face work-related illnesses and injuries often suffer subsequent stress and anxiety. Oftentimes, this stress is worsened if employers cease communicating with the employee while they’re unable to work. It is vital that employers make their employees feel appreciated and invest in their well-being. This rapport helps employees feel trusted, welcomed, and valued. As a result, employees who are

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Survey Shows many Home-Based Businesses are Vulnerable

The ongoing pandemic has forced nation-wide changes in the economic landscape of the United States. Lockdowns stalled earnings, fear of infection drove millions from the labor pool, and working from home grew exponentially. With traditional employment uncertain and inflation rising, thousands of Americans began to look for ways to increase their monthly income without unnecessary exposure. The result: an explosion

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The Employers’ Liability Aspect of Workers’ Compensation Insurance

As an employer, it’s your responsibility to make sure your workers are both healthy and safe on the job. Unfortunately, accidents can be common even in otherwise safe industries, making workers’ compensation coverage a necessity. These policies have two primary parts—Part One: Workers’ Compensation Insurance and Part Two: Employers’ Liability Insurance. This Work Comp Insights will discuss Part Two, giving

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Facilitating Company Culture in the Remote Workplace

Many companies pride themselves on their company culture—often, it may actually be a core competency and a competitive advantage. As employers broaden remote work positions to more employees than ever before, organizations might want to consider how to preserve their culture through an increasingly virtual workspace. What Is Company Culture? Company culture is the environment and personality of a business.

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Five Tips for Mitigating Workers’ Compensation Costs

When a company has a substantial uptick in workers’ compensation costs, leaders become eager to find ways to reduce insurance costs and spending. When it comes to cutting costs, stopping a few accidents is only the first step. Employers must implement a sound safety program designed to continuously improve. A safety program that is, at the very least, compliant with

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