Foy & Associates works closely with you to customize and support your employee benefits program that enable you to achieve your goals. Every recommendation made by your team is based on a thorough analysis of your company, the markets in which you compete, and the financial parameters you are seeking to achieve. Foy & Associates provides an array of medical insurance options for all large and small group employers, regardless of industry, both nationally and globally.

Medical Insurance

Employer provided medical insurance coverage has become the standard foundation benefit for many companies. It could even be true that younger generations won’t even know what it’s like to work for an employer that doesn’t offer a medical insurance coverage.

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  • Precise plan designs that addresses single or multi-site needs
  • Analysis and recommendations based on specific financial parameters
  • Utilization analytics to assist in the decision-making process
  • Cost reduction services to enhance margins

Integrated servicing and administration resulting in:

  • Rapid claims adjudication
  • An HR resource that can save you time and money
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction
  • Vendor and carrier accountability

Dental Insurance

The ability to offer dental insurance to your employees creates a distinct advantage for your company in the marketplace. Foy & Associates can help you tailor a dental offering that works well within your overall benefits program.

Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance is a relatively inexpensive way for employers to help their employees plan for the future. Foy & Associates has access to a variety of options through our extensive carrier network that will enhance your overall benefits program.

Group Disability

Short and Long-Term Group Disability policies allow employers to help employees protect themselves in cases of non-work related disabilities, which are not covered by workers’ compensation.

Flexible Spending Account

As a licensed, qualified Third-Party Administrator (TPA) in partnership with Discovery Benefits, we are able to customize a program that meets the needs of your business and your employees.

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Our programs offer features such as:

  • Premium Only Plans (POP)
  • Health Care Spending Accounts (HCSA)
  • Dependent Care Spending Accounts (DCSA)
  • Full Flex Dollar Allocation Plans (Cafeteria Plans)

COBRA Administration

COBRA administration offers a wide variety of client services. FOY & Associates provides complete COBRA administration, removing the liability and burden of notifications, eligibility tracking, enrollments, premium collections, carrier payments, terminations and conversions from the employer.

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In addition, we ensure that the specific requirements of each state are met as well as the various Federal mandates such as FMLA, HIPAA, and the Pregnancy Act. All information and records are kept and updated as required by the Department of Labor, which ensures a positive response from any random audit that may occur.

Consolidated Billing & Reconciliation

Foy & Associates can eliminate hours of your time and reduce your corporate overhead by creating and systemizing an easy-to-read and accurate consolidated premium billing statement, which absorbs the monthly work associated with reconciling your premium billing process.

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The consolidated premium billing statements are structured as follows:

  • Line of coverage
  • Employee/dependent participation
  • Up to date eligibility reconciliation’s
  • Employee changes
  • Billing audits
  • Premium calculations
  • Employer/employee costs
  • Plan totals

Retirement Plan Consulting (401K)

Foy & Associates provides an all inclusive retirement plan consulting for employer retirement programs.

As a consulting client, you are backed by our extensive team of retirement plan experts. Driven by robust technology and in-house support, we have the unique ability to create successful retirement plan outcomes.

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Services include:

  • Plan Governance
  • Fiduciary Education
  • Financial Wellness
  • ERISA Compliance
  • TDF Suitability
  • Plan Design
  • Fee Benchmarking
  • Investment Analysis

Tools & Resources

Accurately enroll, manage, and track employees

Voluntary & Work Site Benefits

Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity, Pet, Life, and Disability


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